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Expert Advice from the Carpet Cleaning Pros in Denver

Sometimes stains, dirt, and grime refuse to stay away from your carpets before and after a professional carpet cleaning session in Denver. So what can you do during these times to take preventative measures? These tips from the experts can save you and your carpets a lot of trouble.

Blot and Don’t Rub

This is a habit that is hard to break because we’ve been preconditioned for years to rub or wipe up a spot or stain. This is good for hard surfaces, but it is the worst thing that can be done to stains on carpets.

If an unappealing stain shows up on a carpet, the best advice is to use a white damp cloth to blot up as much of the stain as possible, without rubbing it. Rubbing the stain only causes it to go deeper into the carpet fibers, making removal even harder.

Get to it Fast

As soon as a stain appears on the carpet, the clock begins to work against you. But if you get to it quickly enough, the experts say that 99% of stains can be eliminated with the proper stain remover. So you not only have to be quick about it, but you’ll need the proper cleaning solution too. Have a general purpose spot remover handy for these emergencies.

Test First

Although most stain eliminator solutions claim that they are “safe and easy” to use, don’t just take their word for it. There are so many types of carpets out there, that there may be a few that fall below the manufacturer’s radar. Before stains appear, try the solution on an obscure or hidden part of the carpet to make sure it is, indeed, color safe.

Watch the Wet

An instinctive reaction to a carpet stain is to flood it with water and carpet cleaning solution. But the professionals say that this isn’t necessary because a small amount of these products are chemically potent enough to do the job. Added to this is the fact that over-soaking a carpet can lead to other problems within the carpet fibers.

Don’t Coat It

There are products on the market that can repel stains and dirt on fabrics. These come in spray form and are applied directly to the carpet to help it resist grime. This is a great idea for a carpet that has just been cleaned, but it’s not such a good idea for a dirty or already stained carpet. Spraying this stuff on carpets will act like glue for dirt.

Until Next Time

These steps are easy to do and can really help your carpets to remain clean while waiting for your next scheduled carpet cleaning in Denver.

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