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Improve Air Quality With Carpet Cleaning and Other Useful Tips

Air pollution is usually thought of as a concern that’s limited to the outdoors and something we no longer have to worry about once we step back inside the comfort of our home. Unfortunately, this is far from true. Many people don’t realize that the indoor air they breathe in every day is highly likely to be just as, if not more, polluted than what’s outside. Your indoor environment has the potential to harbor numerous contaminants, which can pose a real threat to your health and well-being, if certain steps aren’t taken to minimize the risk. Improve your indoor air quality considerably with carpet cleaning, proper ventilation, moisture control and these other helpful tips.

Maintain Clean Floors

It’s not breaking news that a clean home generally presents a healthier home, but are you doing everything you can to keep yours as fresh as possible? Pollutants are constantly floating around in the air and eventually come to settle on surfaces and floors. Regular dusting, vacuuming and mopping will cut down on the buildup of dust mites, allergens and toxins that can easily accumulate around the house. A professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least once a year to eliminate all of the impurities that get trapped and embedded deep down in carpet fibers.


Keeping your home sealed up to utilize the heating and cooling system more efficiently may make the climate inside more comfortable, but it’s certainly not helping to circulate fresh air and move the contaminants back outside. If doors and windows can’t be opened, suitable ventilation can be obtained by frequently using ceiling and exhaust fans, installing HVAC controls and ensuring all appliances, fuel-burning and other, are adequately vented.

Reduce Toxins

Various products that you use every day contribute to the level of toxins found indoors. Air fresheners, household cleaners, perfumes, hairspray, pesticides, candles, cigarettes, craft and home renovation materials (paint, glue, etc.) are all sources of harmful pollutants that are emitted into the air. Regulating your use of these products, or looking for those that are certified organic, can make a big difference in the amount of air pollution that affects your home.

Manage Humidity Levels

Dust mites, mold and mildew flourish in humid environments, making it important to minimize moisture in the air and maintain a well-balanced climate indoors. Dehumidifiers serve to manage humidity levels well as long as they are routinely cleaned out. Make sure pipes and windows are sufficiently insulated and repair leaking roofs or plumbing right away. If you experience any flooding, call for the help of a water damage restoration company immediately. The goal is to keep your home as dry as possible.

Filter and Purify

Air filters and purifiers can significantly reduce the pollutants that find their way inside. Make it common practice to check and replace the filters in your ventilation system, using a HEPA filter whenever possible. Purifiers should be selected based on room sizes and how much purification is needed to be effective.

Be happier and healthier indoors by implementing ventilation and humidity controls as well as a carpet cleaning regimen, all designed to improve air quality and decrease your home’s pollution.

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