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How Denver Carpet Cleaning Extends the Life of Your Carpet

Generally, carpets are not a cheap purchase for homeowners to make. So why not do your best to preserve your investment and avoid the extra expense of having to completely replace it before you should actually have to? Carpet fibers are harboring much more dirt, dust and other pollutants than humans are able to see with the naked eye, which not only contributes to a rather unpleasant appearance, but can also cause irreversible damaging effects. Extend the life of your carpet with proper maintenance and professional carpet cleaning services in Denver before you find yourself with worn out, drab carpet.

Spend Money on Quality Padding

After spending so much on the actual carpeting, many people are hesitant about investing more money in quality padding, but you’ll soon realize why it’s important. Carpets are hit with a lot of foot traffic and impact from other things on a daily basis, and without padding underneath to help absorb some of it, the carpet’s resiliency is likely to diminish at a much more rapid pace. Plus, padding adds to the overall comfort and plushness of carpet as long as the correct one is selected for your carpet type.

Create a Rigorous Vacuuming Routine

Vacuuming is essential to prolonging the life of your carpet. This common household chore helps to remove anything that is lingering on the surface of carpet before it has a chance to penetrate deep down to the bottom of the fibers. Ridding your home of as much soil and dust as you can with a vacuum will make a big difference in minimizing the effects of everyday wear and tear. It’s also important to do the upkeep on your vacuum to ensure its efficiency.

Schedule Regular Professional Carpet Cleanings

Only a professional carpet cleaning will fully enhance the look and indoor air quality of a home while also upholding the structural properties of the fibers. Deep steam cleanings are the most effective way to extract all of the contaminants that are embedded in carpets and are recommended at least once a year, depending on heaviness of foot traffic and the presence of children and pets in the household. Don’t wait until soil has built up so much that it becomes visible, which is usually a sign that already points towards carpet deterioration.

Apply a Carpet Protector

Having a carpet protector treatment applied after your carpet cleaning will work to safeguard the fibers from oils, dust and dirt that gets tracked in and keeps them from getting trapped so that it’s easier for vacuums to pick up. Protectors can also prevent stains from setting in quickly. Treatments eventually begin to wear off, so reapplication is necessary for full performance.

Vary the Location of Furniture

Simply changing up the placement of your furniture from time to time can also help to protect your carpet fibers from becoming flattened and crushed. It relieves the pressure that heavier furniture puts on the floor as well as encourages a different walking pattern through the room, alleviating the same spots from years of foot traffic.

Regularly scheduling time with our professional carpet cleaning company in Denver and keeping these other tips in mind will make a considerable difference in the length of time homeowners can go before their carpet needs replacing.

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