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Get Out Stains Before Your Next Denver Carpet Cleaning

It’s never any fun to see a stain appear on your carpets, whether big or small. They’re usually left behind as unintentional mementos from family gatherings, parties, or just everday clumsiness. It isn’t practical to call a carpet cleaning company in Denver every time a stain happens, so here is what you can do for damage control before your next appointment.

Get the Ink Out

Ink stains aren’t usually big; that’s the good news. The bad news is if they’re not taken care of immediately, they can be really hard to remove later. For ink stains you’ll need a cloth and some Q-tips, rubbing alcohol, and cold water.

Apply the rubbing alcohol to a Q-tip or cloth and very carefully treat the immediate area where the ink stain is. It is very important to just treat the stain and not the surrounding carpet with alcohol because this could cause the stain to spread.

Apply and blot several times until the stain is removed. After this is done, use a clean towel with cold water to blot the area in order to remove the excess alcohol.

Coffee Stains

These are probably the most common stains found on carpets, but if the proper steps are taken, they can be removed fairly easily.

The first thing to do is to make a cleaning solution to remove the coffee stains. This can be done by mixing together one tablespoon of dishwashing detergent, one tablespoon of white vinegar, and two cups of warm water.

Blot as much coffee as you can with a damp cloth or paper towel. Then apply the solution with the towel and blot the coffee stain. Then, after this, blot with a dry towel or paper napkin. Repeat these steps until the coffee stain is gone.

For coffee stains that contain milk or cream, replace the dishwashing liquid with an enzyme laundry detergent.

Make Your Own All-Purpose Stain Remover

This emergency stain remover will work on many food-based stains. The ratio of this solution is one part dishwashing liquid and two parts of hydrogen peroxide. You can double or triple this ratio to make a spray bottle’s worth for stain remover. Apply directly to the stain and blot dry.

Many home advice columns say this solution is magical in its ability to remove stains and outperforms even the expensive stuff you can buy off the shelf at the supermarket.

So until your next scheduled carpet cleaning in Denver, you can try these tips out and see if they’ll do the job for you.

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