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How Landlords Should Prepare Apartments for Rent

Owning an apartment complex can multiply your nest egg, but remember that, as a landlord, the law holds you responsible for keeping units in habitable condition. Whether you manage the complex yourself or get a property management company to do it for you, following are a few items that you’ll need to budget for when preparing apartments for rent. Don’t let your nest egg disappear by letting these items turn into large problems.

Curb Appeal

How do the grounds look? Are shrubs, trees, and fences trimmed? Is trash picked up on a regular basis? Unkempt grounds communicate that you don’t take care of your apartments for rent and your tenants may not feel the need to either. Create a well-maintained look to attract quality tenants.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Verify that the HVAC systems are in good working order and are following a regular maintenance schedule. Experts recommend that HVAC systems should be checked every fall and spring.

Plumbing & Electrical Systems

Look for any evidence of water leaks in the plumbing or fixtures and repair them. You don’t want tiny leaks to create a mold infestation. Test light switches and outlets to verify that they work. If you are concerned about faulty electrical issues, have a professional electrician inspect and repair the system.


If you provide appliances for the tenant, test their condition. Evaluate if an old appliance needs to be replaced, especially if you include utilities in their rent. Old appliances can drive up utility and maintenance costs.


Painting can quickly make an apartment look like new. It can help to cover wall chips and marks. If the previous tenant has been in the unit for several years, painting may be necessary. Paint several rooms or the whole apartment as needed.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets get dirty and should be cleaned after every tenant. It’s best to get professional carpet cleaners to take care of this for you. They’ve got the skills and tools to remove deep dirt, carpet stains, and pet odors. They can also repair sections of carpet. If a carpet is worn out, you may need to replace it. If that’s the case, you may be able to score some excellent carpet remnants from a local retailer.

Mold Problems

This is a problem that should be addressed right away, since it can turn into a big problem. Surface mold can be addressed with bleach and steam cleaning. However, if a mold problem goes deeper than the surface, you have several options. You may need to replace carpet, cabinets, floorboards, or drywall that’s infested with mold. Additionally, you may want to install ceiling fans or other ventilation systems in bathroom, kitchen, and laundry areas to assist with air ventilation. If the problem is in the air ducts or crawl spaces, it’s best to hire a mold removal professional.

Following these tips will help you provide quality apartments for rent and make a better return on your investment. It always pays to establish your apartment building as a well-kept, desired residence for potential renters.

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