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Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Resources For Denver, CO

carpet-cleaning-002Carpets serve many purposes within a home or business, adding to their comfort and interior design, which is why they continue to remain a very popular flooring choice among consumers. Carpeting is a great investment when it’s properly cared for, but it can be overwhelming knowing where to start or what the appropriate maintenance involves. Luckily, there are plenty of local and online resources and companies such as 5280 Carpet Cleaning & Restoration out there to assist you in all your Denver carpet cleaning and preservation needs.

Air Duct Cleaners

NOW Heating and Air

Expert air duct cleaning company providing properties in Denver, Co. with a thorough inspection and service focused on the entire HVAC system, minimizing the amount of air pollution infiltrating your surroundings.


Professional air duct cleaners that keep your carpet from becoming a trap for dirt and dust particles and other contaminants that linger in the environment after collecting in an HVAC system, which significantly reduces your indoor air quality.

Carpet Buying Guide

Type of fibers, style of construction, color, padding, level of eco-friendliness, texture, cost, cleaning requirements – the list of considerations goes on and on when shopping for the perfect carpet. This handy guide will help you remember everything you should be factoring into your decision.

Common Carpet Terms

Unless you’re a carpet guru, chances are, you aren’t knowledgeable in all the terms related to carpet buying, installation and cleaning. Here’s a list to help get you familiar with some of the most common ones you’ll hear as an owner of carpet.

Carpet Retailers

Carpet Exchange
Denver carpet retailer offering a wide selection of carpeting options, suitable for any taste, lifestyle and budget. Get started online with their interactive design center where you can ask questions and look at different design styles to get a good idea of what you prefer before you even beginning shopping.

Coventry Carpets
A family-owned carpet retailer in the Denver area that sells top of the line carpet brands as well as manages their own installation services. Also offers a mobile showroom option that can be utilized at your convenience.

Stain Removal Tips

Insightful article provided by the National Carpet Cleaners Association to aid in easing the distressing effect that carpet stains can have on people. Accidents happen from time to time, but with a little knowledge and preparation, there’s a good chance you can prevent dreaded stains from setting in.

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