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What to Expect From Your Lakewood Carpet Cleaning Service

Finding a Lakewood carpet cleaning business through the Yellow Pages isn’t very hard because there are many companies to choose from. However, with so much competition, it can be difficult knowing which one you should hire.

Carpet cleaning businesses normally fall into one of two categories: full service and single service. Full service carpet cleaning firms not only clean residential and business carpets, they also provide a full range of additional services such as carpet repair and restoration, tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Single service firms offer one thing: carpet cleaning.

In saying that, this doesn’t necessarily mean a single service firm is inferior to a multi-service firm, if carpet cleaning is your only need. However, the convenience of a one-stop carpet service, which can handle repairs and other cleaning, may be of benefit to those who need a variety of services from one vendor.

Above all, whether you choose a full service or single service carpet cleaning business, the one you choose should have outstanding customer service and professional cleaning equipment.

Keep on Trucking

One thing that separates good carpet cleaning businesses from mediocre ones is the equipment they work with. If a carpet cleaning service uses a suction vacuum machine similar to the ones you see on sale in department stores, this may be a sign that this business isn’t as professional as those that use dedicated vans, which have industrial vacuum and hot water generators on board.

Generally speaking, carpet cleaning businesses that utilize specialized vans for cleaning carpets will provide superior results. The vacuum produced from these vans is able to extract virtually all of the liquid that is injected into the carpet during the cleaning process. This not only means a better cleaning job, but also a shorter drying time as well.

Get a Consultation First

When calling a carpet cleaning service, ask them what is involved and how long it will take. Industry standards estimate one hour per 300 square feet, which is about the surface area of three rooms.

First impressions are critical. If your first phone call to the business is less than friendly or professional, move on to another company. How they treat you on the phone will mirror how they treat you in person.

You should expect nothing short of superior service from your Lakewood carpet cleaning experts.

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